Attack Of The 1000 Foot Divatoxin – Media Impact Customs giantess special effects pov

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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:30 min
Custom Clip Description Start the clip with. The Megazord arrives and they. POV from inside megazord as Divatoxin sits on the. Guess who’s coming to dinner.” before showing a giant eye. She lowers her face over the city and says “my tongue could kick you ass” before slowly lowering it down boom affect and shaking. Have her wiggle it and hit the megazord once by regular tongue movement in. Pissed off now, divatoxin angry says “damnit” hits the ground with her. Divatoxin walks up to the next micro city and gets her face close. She licks her. Divatoxin supports the megazord(holding its head and back like. Once on her palm, the red ranger frantically crawls backward away from Divatoxin. She walks to the next micro city and shows a close-up of her big toe as cars drive by next. She gets down. Have divatox get the megazord to the ground flat on its back after attacking it and have her seductively and slowly, crawl. POV from inside megazord as Divatox sits on the face. She laughs at them. Then zooming out to a mega sized divatox(now dressed only in red lipstick, red pasties, red micro thong, eye mask, tied back ponytail with purple hair extension attached to it hanging over her shoulder, bare foot kneeling and sitting on her legs. She lowers her face over the city and says “my tongue. Have her wiggle it and hit the megazord once(by regular tongue. Have divatox laugh before the megazord slices at her tongue with a. She caresses a building with her fingers slowly before she opens her mouth and slowly lowers it over. As she is chewing on the whole building within her mouth, she looks down and sees the megazord next. She slowly makes out with it and licks its face/head as the rangers watch and panic inside from seeing her giant tongue as she talks about eating them and how good they. Divatox supports the megazord(holding its head and back like a baby standing straight up.  She says to them adoring like “you’re so precious to me” before hugging it in between her breasts(as the megazord connects.   She opens her mouth and goes to insert the attached head of the megazord into her mouth, before closing her mouth, she. She. As she does a few. She looks back at the city and teases it with her breasts before crushing. Divatox lays on her side and grabs the secondary giant red micro thong on the ground and teases the city with it by dangling it above them(as people scream within the city and laughing at them before she drops it into the city(booms and shaking. Divatox then turns around and evilly smiles at the rangers and laughs as she slowly goes to sit. Divatox looks down and. As he looks up at her, she looks down at him and waves while sarcastically saying “Goodbye” as he’s pulled back down inside her crotch then hearing a monster growl before Divatox closes her eyes, smiles, and slowly.    Divatox lays on her side again and smiles at the megazord and picks. She proceeds to slowly rub it slowly along her ass, thigh, and leg megazord on its chest from her laying position as from the inside of the megazord, the rangers see sparks coming from the megazords chest, inner systems failing warnings, and panic as they hear divatox laugh as they can’t stop her moving them.    Divatox then sits up and puts the megazord into her mouth. As she chews it up, 3 specs fall onto her breasts.   After chewing up and swallowing the megazord, Divatox returns to. Divatox smiles as they’re trapped against her cheek and says evilly “Got you fuckers” then swallows them show them going down her throat and into her. She remembers the pink ranger is in her thong saying she must of shrunk too and feels. She remembers the red. She feels the shooting and carelessly. She picks the micro tanks. She finds a secondary. Divatox then sees the megazord. Divatoxin then turns around and evilly smiles. After she does, she. Divatoxin then sits. She licks her lips slowly and changes to an. As she moans(show the micro rangers in her mouth tumbling around on her. Switch between them tumbling around on her tongue and her acting normal like nothing. Divatoxin smiles as they’re trapped against her cheek and says evilly “Got you fuckers” then swallows them show them going down her throat and into her. She remembers the pink ranger. She reaches in and takes her out and asks her “how’d you enjoy being in my massive ass?” before laughing at her and adoring her smaller size before telling her “time to. She then drops the pink ranger into her mouth. She smiles looking down at her crotch and says evilly, “MMMM, you were hungry, guess red was no match...