Mia and Her Tiny Ass Slave – Media Impact Customs growth booty

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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:19 min
The smallest and most unfortunate are the tiny ass slaves.

The model herself has been trying to get her hands on a tiny ass. Also, her ass crack is. She could hurt them

That's why she's been looking for a tiny ass slave for months, because they keep the ass crack free of sweat by licking it away, plus they scratch the. So you have to be lucky that someone. Her ass slave has arrived and she can't wait to try it out after that long day at work.

End of background story - it's just there so the model knows what role she is playing and that she has a. We see in the POV of the tiny person in the package how the huge face of the model appears grinning in anticipation.

She can't believe it when. She then talked about. Then she puts the tiny figurine behind her thong into her ass crack.

As said the main part of the clip follows in which we see the model in different positions on the. She teases her former best friend incessantly and enjoys every little second of her revenge.

Every now and then she pulls her out just to tease her a little and puts her back between. One by one the model works her way through the points, her mood fluctuating between gloating and laughing, and being angry because Amanda isn't doing her job well.

Finally, we arrive. The model is feeling gassy, no wonder as she. So it's time...