Lydia Podcast Love Growth – Media Impact Customs growth giantess special effects

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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:24 min
Scene 1  Lydia is a super famous streamer who’s in her room streaming sitting on an office chair with a. POV should be. When she sits back down, she. She then gets a strange feeling before. She grows and grows until she is almost nude. Lydia looks at how big her arms and breasts are before going into a state of.   “The more love you receive, the bigger and. To test her theory, she looks around on the city street and. The camera angle changes to below, the POV of. She goes on about how pretty she is and how. She stands back up, telling herself about how she was right, before. She begins teasing the bus, commenting on how big and sexy she. This causes her to have. Scene 3. She comments on how tiny and cute everyone is and continues to go on. She brings her breasts to the rooftop level (so they take up a bulk of the shot in place of where her. “Now I KNOW you guys have some kind words for me” before she grows some more.    Lydia begins walking through the city and walks by a skyscraper that has her reflection in it (a generic skyscraper with a bunch of. “Let’s see. The POV changes to a news helicopter flying around Lydia, with a typical new overlay (like below) that says “FAMOUS STREAMER LYDIA IS. “Damn, must have been a local station.” Scene 4 At her new height, she sees. Have her go on a.   She begins. “Hey, Italy, tell me. “Hey Australia, tell me I’m pretty”. At the end of her rant, there’s a second of silence, before she looks down on Earth and says in a monotone voice “Worship me.” She grows at. “Hope everyone is ready for another big bang!” She then claps...