Nikki's little visitor 6K VR360 shrinking shrinking fetish

Nikki's little visitor 6K VR360 shrinking shrinking fetishNikki's little visitor 6K VR360 shrinking shrinking fetishTo find more videos from
Winzlings Shrinking Clips
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Studio:Winzlings Shrinking Clips
Length:33 minutes
as well as totally unaware clip with Pornstar Nikki Hill!Nikki has arrived home, wearing an exceptionally short white and black floral dress promising to make any mans summer a little hotter. What time is it? She usually isnt back so early! You stand, shrunken and panicked, on her bed surrounded by a mountainous pile of her unmentionables (lingerie, underwear, etc), and you cant imagine shed take kindly to finding a miniaturized pervert in her room.Almost immediately - and unknowingly she provides you with a view up her dress at her pink-lined translucent white panties. Its the heavenly view you thought youd only ever be able to imagine.She pulls her dress over her head, revealing her perky breasts this would be a dream come true if you werent filled with dread. Next, she takes off her heels with a giggle.Dont move... you think, Dont move and she wont even notice youre here. Its a bold strategy, which fails in the most spectacular way imaginable - she sits directly on top of you, and when she finally stands back up you have no choice but to cling onto her panties or risk the distant fall to the floor. With all your strength, you manage to hang on until she takes them off and tosses them and you onto the pile of clothes on her bed.Its a voyeurs dream you cant help but watch as she climbs into bed next to you. She licks her fingers and rubs her hands across her breasts and pussy, playing with herself before she falls resting.You could have called it a win there took the full house and ran without playing another hand... but you cant resist just staring a minute more. Shes awake again, and she tosses you and the panties onto the floor. You stare up in awe at the blonde giantess just long enough for her to drop her laundry directly on top of you. Inescapable blackness.The world shifts. Nikki is looking through her laundry and decides she could wear todays outfit again. She still doesnt see you unknowingly trapping you inside her panties while she walks around her apartment. You catch a glimpse of the outside world while she stops...