GGHumiliated34 – Grappling Girls in Action e foot domination

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Grappling Girls in Action
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Studio:Grappling Girls in Action
Length:13 min
Tony had seen Agatha Delicious lift and carry with much larger people before, he had an idea she was pretty strong. However, once he felt her grip, he was shocked. After punishing him with her pins, scissors, and finally with her feet, Agatha leaves him helpless to fight out of her holds, and she humiliates him like no one else could. He is left helpless and groveling at her feet, kissing and worshiping them and even admitting they taste good, realizing w Agatha Delicious had a good idea of her strength after seeing her lift and carry much larger people in the past, but he was shocked when he felt her grip. She punishes him with pins, scissors, and finally her feet. Tony is powerless to escape any of her holds and she puts him through the humiliation process like no one...