Bikini Body Worship – AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS riding fetish

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Length:14 min
their initials into their slaves’ backs with their heels. Princess Alexandria complements Princess Ava on her sub-funded heels and orders one of the slaves to begin worshipping them.     Since the slave is too stupid to think for himself, Princess Alexandria yells at the beta to move while she orders her slave to lotion her legs. The slaves finish applying lotion to the Goddess’ legs and begin to apply lotion to their perfect butts, which is the closest these losers will ever get to the Goddesses. To make sure that her slave does a good job, Princess Alexandria occasionally slaps her slave in the face and spits on him (what a lucky beta!). Princess Ava isn’t happy with her slave for doing such a poor job and she humiliates and insults him.   Seriously, can’t any of you ever just do a good fucking job?! Princess Ava and Princess Alexandria wish they had one good slave who can teach the other losers how to properly serve them.   Princess Alexandria and Princess Ava graciously allow their slaves to begin worshipping their sun-kissed...