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Studio:SSBBW Ivy and Friends
Length:10 min
wipes, and powder! Her curiosity immediately draws him closer to you, and he begins asking you curious questions. Why are they needed? Do you really use them? What is it like to use them?

Your girlfriend Josie Jo is in the process of moving in with you. You told her she could use any dresser or closet space she wanted, but not to go under the bathroom sink! Curiosity got the better of Josie, and she had to go see what you were hiding… And that’s when she found your diapers, wipes, and powder! She immediately confronts you and curiously begins to ask you questions. What are they for? Do you actually need them? Do you really use them? What does it feel like? Are you wearing one right now?? You tell her that you are and that its quite wet. She asks if she can change you. Josie Jo then changes your diaper. Then she gets curious, what would it be like if she wore one? Josie Jo slips into a diaper. She talks about how good it feels to be diapered and how she understands why you like being diapered so much! Josie Jo announces she’s going to start wearing them too. She gets dressed in her outfit again and shows off her...