Bianca loses it! hanz vanderkill beatdowns

Bianca loses it! hanz vanderkill beatdownsBianca loses it! hanz vanderkill beatdownsTo find more videos from
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Studio:Hanz VanDerKill's Battle Theatre
Length:12 minutes
friendlier more sporting competitive matches you might want to skip this one! Its not friendly! xml version=1.0 encoding=%SOUP-ENCODING%This was scheduled to be a friendly sporty semi-competitive match but little known to Hanz, Bianca is already fuming. A combination of frustrations in other recent mixed matches and interactions with other male producers, sessioners and talent or something else entirely? It wasnt evidently clear. But what was clear is in this moment shes HAD IT with men, and while Hanz, conveniently a man, is expecting a casual wrestle, Bianca is here to simply to FIGHT!In the opening interview the simmering is already evident. After introducing herself she starts to lose track of what she wants to say and simply trails off with a half hearted shrug it...