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Length:24 min
greenness, so it is convenient, but the only solution is to purchase new slaves who have Drake loves experienced slaves and his girls are always ready to obey him. We are open to creating custom clips depending on your fetish. Please contact us (email is above). Eventually, they get used to it, knowing what to do and when, so sometimes they dont even need your orders anymore, they already start doing what you want. Greenness is convenient, but it has destroyed their timidity and shyness. Buying new slaves who are capable of doing this is the only solution. If you wish, we can make custom clips with your fetish. Please let us know (email above). Drake loves experienced slaves. He has a large group of girls who will always serve him and obey him. Eventually, it gets old, they know how to behave, what to do, and when, and they dont even need orders anymore, they already start doing what you ask. Despite the fact that it is convenient, they have lost their shyness and timidity as a result of their greenness. If this problem persists, it will have to be resolved by purchasing slaves who have Those clips are made by request. If you have a fetish you would like to use, please feel free to contact us (email is...