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person - she sets you on the table with the other escapees. “What should I do with you?”

“Maybe... Maybe I will eat you.” She says, standing with her waist above the table – hands powerfully placed on her hips, unshyly showing her mountainous and well shaped breasts. “Or... what should I do with you?” She mocks biting over all the people on the table – her teeth click together with a bone shattering power.

She sticks her tongue out, letting one of the more micro tinies stick to it. “Hmmm.... not good. Maybe you?” She tastes one of the medium sized men - “Not you.” She picks through her tinies, licking some, biting others, until she finds one she likes – biting his head off and then chewing his body.

“Mmm, okay! I like the taste.” She says, chewing her second victim before eyeing up a blonde woman – crushing her between her molars with a light blush.

One by one, she picks the fragile people... the snacks... from her table – audibly shattering their bones between her teeth.

“Okay... what should I do with you?” She says, sitting on a cluster of tinies that laid on the edge of her table.

Flori notices a few tinies whove wandered away from the rest, and begins walking her fingers across the table towards them, “Ohhhh! Are you trying to run away?” With her eyes showing the purest intentions of evil, she mocks their meaningless effort to escape fate. “Dont run awayyy.” She...