Opal's Calves And Cruelty: 4K HD – Reality Girls Scissors headscissor reverse headlock

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enters and Opal orders him at her feet, pushing off his throat, laughing at him and admiring her worldclass calves. Her straight headscissors lock his jaw as the young domme taunts him, throwing her glutes into the hold and calling him weak, her perfect soles locked out in the air as he taps. Up on her palms driving into a double foot choke on the pain-sponge veteran sub, calling him a terrible name then driving down into a vicious double heel choke. She tells him she doesnt care about his pain as he squeaks and sputters in her perfect feet. Opal laughs her adorable laugh as they slide off suddenly from the power applied. Her brutal rear naked choke -- a perfect straight headscissors as he fights tapping with no success. Then it is her perfect figure four headscissors that may have ended one career years ago, cranking on the power as her calf flexes laced around his neck. Open your mouth, she orders the Sub Guy. Eat my dirty shoes! she tells him shoving her oldest shoes into his mouth. Taking one off she barks at him I said open! and laughs at the cruelty of fucking his throat with it. I dont give a fuck if its hard for you cause its fun for me, the raven-haired girl tells him then steps on his face up on her palms as he groans under her soles. Over and over she rams her show into his face. This is fucking hilarious! she says, her shoes squeaking in his mouth. These shoes are gonna have to get burned after this. She drives her perfect Size Nine down on his throat. She...