Hazing Ugly Betty – AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS cuck boobs

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wanting to join and become part of the team. We are extremely selective about who we let in… not just any Betty can become a Mean Girl and live in our Manor. It had been discussed between the girls and me before we allowed this girl to try out. She had no idea there were other in. Mean Girl Manor is a status symbol. It is widely known that being a Mean Girl means being hot and popular. Recently, we received an application from a new girl who wanted to join and be part of our gang. It is very important to know that we are very selective in who we admit; not just any Betty is permitted to join and live in the Manor. I had discussed it with the girls before letting this girl come and try out lol. She didnt realize that there were others in the house. It is a status symbol for girls to live at the Mean Girl Manor. As a Mean Girl, you KNOW youre hot and popular. Recently, we got a letter from an applicant seeking membership and to become one of us....