Sloppy Seconds Foot Worship – AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS moneyslavery shorts

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feet. If losers dont continue to prove their usefulness, she knows theyll be banished from the Manor, and that will mean their lives are over! (The betas absolute worst nightmare!) Lexi Chase shoves her perfect tiny feet into th She is allowing these betas the PRIVILEGE of worshipping her shoes and feet while she sits on the throne. She is letting these betas prove themselves worthy enough to worship her shoes and feet. The princess knows how important it is for losers to prove their usefulness in order not to lose their way from the Manor and out of our lives. She holds their leashes tight while pressing her tiny feet into the pit of the pit as she shoves their perfect tiny feet in the pit. In front of Miss Lexi Chases throne, two pathetic slaves are kneeling at her feet. Miss Lexi is allowing them the privilege of proving themselves worthy of worshipping her feet and shoes. The princess knows it is essential that losers continue to prove...